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Are you looking for interesting things to do in the Sacramento area?

Contact Mark or call 530-666-1758 to schedule your tour at Reiff's Old Time Gas Station Automotive Museum.

Tours $7 Per Person Donation Requested.

Visit Reiff's Antique Gas Station to Remember the Good Old Days

A stop at Reiff's Old Time Automotive Museum is one of the great things to do when sightseeing or vacationing in the Sacramento area. If you love the 1950s and 1960s Reiff's Museum is an old fashioned tourist attraction that should be on your list of stuff to do. Be sure to schedule a tour at Reiff's Museum next time you are traveling on vacation in northern California.

We also invite you to rent the museum for special events such as meetings, parties, banquets, receptions and photo shoots.


Car Clubs that found great stuff to do at Reiff's Museum:
Sacramento Valley MG Car Club visits Reiff's Gas Station Museum.
Studebaker Drivers Club at Reiff's Gas Station 17oct2010.
Studebaker Drivers Club Karel Staple Chapter Visits Reiff's 17oct2010.
Wine Country Corvettes of Napa Valley visit Reiff's Gas Station 24may2010.
Norcal Retrobirds at Reiff's Old Time Gas Station 13march2010.
Sacramento Classic Chevy Club at Reiff's Gas Station 19sept2009.
Roamin Angels Car Club visit Reiff's Gas Station 23aug2009.

Hi Mark, I have wanted to express my gratitude to you for our tour of your place on September 29. My brother-in-law Bill and my sister Tina (from Pennsylvania) and I did your fantastic home tour. Bill is the guy who has the vintage car collection and you two got along so well and had so much in common! He is still talking about your place and your collections to all his buddies back in Pennsylvania. He said that it was the highlight of his visit to CA this time! So thank you again for your hospitality! It was such fun.
Mary Ann from Davis, CA.