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General Store Exhibit

Inside the house & museum, Mark lives in the 1950s antique general store area. Mark built the counter and food bins. He has collected the antique stove and many other historical items through the years.

general store
general store

Antique Diner Exhibit

antique diner
The old fashioned diner has stools that came from a bar in Butte City.

The watercolor mural on the back wall of the diner was painted by Mark.

Antique Movie Theater Exhibit

The antique movie theater was inspired by the old Yolo Theater in Woodland that burned down in 1958.

theater theater

Car Crash & Plane Crash Exhibit

plane crash on roof The car crash and plane crash exhibits were just for fun. Mark's son said that this would be the crazy thing that would get Mark locked up, but it hasn't happened yet.

Look Hard! Don't think the vintage car that crashed into the garage and the little problem he had with the Cessna was a dream. Who knows, maybe they got their license anyway?