antique 1956 Chevy tow truck
I bought an old rusty 1956 vintage Chevy tow truck in undriveable condition for $700. I had it towed to my shop and then the refurbishing work began. What a piece of s*** it was! At first I thought that I could do this restoration job all by myself. Well, maybe not. I stripped the truck down to the frame, and from there it went to Broesch Automotive where the real work began. They put on new fenders, hood, doors, power windows, 454 cubic inch V8 engine under the hood, and 4:11 rear end gears. The custom wheels were from Valley Tires. Those 18.5 inch tires on the rear put a whole lot of rubber on the road. The new tow bed was built from the ground up by Cory and Jerrod from D.C. Trailers. They put in about 72 hours total. The custom paint job was done by Broesch Automotive. The red & white colors were just what I was looking for. It came together very nicely. The stickers were installed by Sean Denny of Denny Designs. The door stickers came from my Reiff's Gas Station Museum logo. The inlaid yellow and black strips on the back took about 7 1/2 hours of work.

old time 1956 Chevy tow truck I exhibit my old time custom 1956 Chevy tow truck at Winters Custom Car Show every second Tuesday from March to October. And I exhibit the tow truck at various other vintage car shows when I'm not at home at Reiff's Gas Station hosting tours of my automotive museum.

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all who worked on restoring this old time, antique, custom 1956 Chevy tow truck. It's one of the greatest exhibits here at Reiff's Gas Station Museum. Contact Mark to schedule your visit to the museum and check it all out!

1956 Chevy antique custom tow truck at Hooters
Visiting Hooters Restaurant in Sacramento, CA.

1956 Chevy antique custom tow truck at Reiff's Gas Station Museum
Mark and Tow Truck at home in Woodland, CA.

Mark Reiff driving the tow truck
Tow Truck with driver: Wing Nut.